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Driver's License

Driver License

Little Card. Big Possibilities.

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From motorcycles to commercial driving, here's what you need.

Need a Car?

There are generally three sources of used cars:
New Car Dealer
They want repeat business so they will likely treat you well. They can often offer some type of warranty. They are usually the highest price.
Used Car Dealer
Good used car dealers usually check out the car to make sure it is in good shape. They may offer a warranty. Not all used car dealers are good. Prices are usually lower than a new car dealer but not as low as a private owner.
Private Owner
Usually the lowest price. No warranty is offered and you take the car as is.

Finding a Car

Buying a Car


Carguide123.com offers up-to-date, useful information for current and potential car owners. Visit Carguide123.com

Buy or Lease

Car Buying Calculators

See how much it will cost to put you in the driver's seat.

Loan Term

See how much it will cost upfront to put you in the driver's seat.

Tip - Your monthly payment should not be more than one weeks income.

Car Buying

Car Insurance

Utah law says you gotta have it.

Collision: Pays for the damage to your car and the other car.
Liability: Pays for injuries to other people and damage to other people's property.

Car Insurance

Tip: Before buying your car, find out how much insurance will cost for one year.

UTA Public transportation

Public Transportation

Riding the Bus, Trax or Train?
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