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Don't let money manage you.

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8 Financial Tips For Young Adults

Follow these great tips now; you will thank yourself later.
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Expense Tracking

Want to know where your money goes? Track your spending using the JFY worksheet.
Expense Tracking Worksheet

Track your expenses using Mint.com

Here's a free way to see where every dime goes. It will also help you make money decisions you feel good about.


Timely bill paying not only keeps creditors off your back, it keeps the lights, gas and power on.

How to Pay Your Bills: 10 Steps

This article will help you turn around and enjoy the feeling of financial success that comes with timely bill paying.
10 Steps

What should I do if I can't pay my bills?

Dial 211 to connect to an organization that can assist you.


Bankruptcy should be your last choice. Click Here for information on the different types of bankruptcy and a description of the consequences. (pdf)

Bill Paying
Credit Report

Useful Credit Tips

Pay your bills on time to maintain a good credit record and qualify for low rates.

Get a Legitimate Credit Report Annually

AnnualCreditReport.com is the official site to help you obtain your free credit report.
Annual Credit Report Web Site

Protect Your Identity

Tip - Checking vs. Savings - What’s the difference?
A checking account is primarily used to conveniently make payments via checks, debit cards, electronic funds transfers and online banking. Funds from one’s checking account are typically available 24/7.


Taxes are easy to do. Be sure to
file each year by April 15th.

Utah Taxes

Utah Makes it easy to file online
Try Tax Express, Utah's online tax system

Federal Taxes

Federal Taxes Online
Free on-line federal tax forms & filing

Tax Tips

Suggestions from the IRS
Guide to Filing Your Return

Utah Identification

Get Your ID

Having a valid state ID or driver's license, your birth certificate and social security card will become more of a necessity as you venture out on your own. The links below will help you obtain the proper forms of identification you will need.

Get a Drivers License

Obtaining a driver license in Utah is not a complicated process. It requires a maximum of seven steps. Read More

Get a Utah ID Card

Take your birth certificate (or passport) and social security card to any Drivers License location and pick up a Utah ID for eighteen dollars. Here's how to get one

Find out how to get a copy of the following: