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From violence at home to abuse and assault, see the topics below to access any phone numbers you might need.

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Domestic Violence Hotline

1-855-323-DCFS (3237)

If you or a child is in immediate danger please call 911

What can you do if you know or suspect someone is being abused?

If someone you know is being abused you need to first address any immediate safety needs. If the victim is currently in danger ask him/her if he/she wants you to call the police or an ambulance. Once a victim's immediate safety needs have been met, the most important thing you can do is listen. It is important to relay to the victim that "No one deserves to be abused", and that he/she is not alone. Do not tell the victim what to do or place any negative blame on his/her actions. Let the victim know she is not responsible for the abuse, and that only the abuser can stop the abusive behavior.

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  • Child Abuse Hotline



  • If you suspect child abuse or neglect is occurring, call the Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline at 1-855-323-3237. Call 911 first if a child is in immediate danger.
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National Sexual Assault Hotline 1.800.656.HOPE

Rape Crisis Centers:

  • Salt Lake 801-467-7282
  • Provo 801-377-5500
  • Ogden 801-392-7273
  • Helper 435-472-2500

What is Rape and Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact or attention resulting from force, threats, bribes, manipulation, pressure, or violence. Sexual violence can take many forms, including rape or attempted rape, domestic and dating violence, and child sexual abuse.