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When you move into an apartment or house, you will need to have the power, water,
and telephone turned on. You will need to find out from the landlord whether the
apartment uses gas or electric power (or both) then contact the companies to turn
the utilities on and have them transferred to your name. If utilities are included as
part of the rent, then the landlord will receive the billing and turn on the gas,
electric, and water (make sure you read your lease to find out which utilities are
covered). The landlord is usually not responsible for telephone service.


Rocky Mountain Power (Electricity)

To have your electricity turned on:
Call Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070

Cost to turn on the electricity:
If you have not had your own electricity account and can provide Rocky Mountain Power with a
Social Security Number, Birth date, and Utah Drivers License (or Utah ID) number,
no deposit is required to turn on the electricity. You will have to pay a $10
connection fee that will be added to your first bill.

If you have had prior service and didn’t pay your bills, you will be charged a deposit
(maximum of $150). One-third of the deposit is owed before electricity is turned
on; one-third is owed with the first month’s bill; and one-third is owed with the
second month’s bill.

If you fall behind in paying your electricity bill, contact Rocky Mountain Power as soon as
possible and they will work with you to set up a payment plan. If you stop paying
your bills, Rocky Mountain Power will turn off your power and require that you pay a deposit to
turn it back on.

To access more information, go to the following websites:

Rocky Mountain Power Customer Service:

Information on keeping your bills lower and bill paying:


Questar (Gas)

To apply for new service:
Complete the secure online form:
New Service Application for Residential Customers.

To transfer service into your name:
Contact the call center at 801-324-5111 or 800-323-5517. Be sure to have your
account number, the date service is to be shut off at your old address and your new

The cost to start service:
In Utah and Idaho, Questar Gas offers three options:
    1. $30 plus tax to initiate natural gas service, check the appliances and
        activate a new account at a new or an existing home.
    2. $15 plus tax to initiate service and remove the meter lock so qualified
        individuals may turn on the meter and light the appliances.
    3. $8 plus tax connection fee if service is already on at the premises and
        service needs to be transferred into a new name.

To get information on other issues, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of
the Questar website:

For information on assistance with paying for energy costs, go to:


CenturyLink (Telephone)

Visit the Qwest website to sign up for new local telephone service.

Or Call: 800-475-7526



There are many water utility companies in Utah. Different locations receive water
from different companies. Contact your landlord to find out the water company
information for your new apartment/house.