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The Siegfried and Ellen Karsten Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in attending the University of Utah! We recognize the importance of education and it is our goal to support our students' academic and personal success. We are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity.

In support of this goal, Siegfried and Ellen Karsten have funded a scholarship for a qualified student. Eligible students are those who have been in an out-of-home placement with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services system as the legal guardian. Scholarship applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 20 when applying for admission as an undergraduate student or no older than 22 if a transfer or returning student. In addition, the applicant must be admitted to the University of Utah, be eligible for in-state tuition, and demonstrate a strong desire to obtain a university education. The award is for $6000 annually and can be renewed. The scholarship recipient may choose to major in any field at the University of Utah.

Along with the attached application form, applicants must submit a copy of their transcripts (high school for freshman applicants and college for transfer or returning applicants), a statement regarding their focus and interest in obtaining a higher education degree and a written confirmation from the Division of Child and Family Services that they are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship recipient will participate in a mentoring program to help aid him/her in navigating and succeeding at the University of Utah.

The selection committee for the Karsten Scholarship will begin reviewing applications of qualified individuals on April 10 for Fall semester and on November 10 for Spring semester. To ensure that you are considered for this scholarship, please submit all application materials and supporting documents to:

Becky Murphy
University of Utah
College of Social and Behavioral Science
260 S. Central Campus Drive, Room 205
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9150

For questions regarding the scholarship or academic programs at the University of Utah, please contact Becky Murphy at 801/581-7579 or

Note: Admissions deadlines to the University are April 1 for Fall semester and November 1 for Spring semester.