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State High School Graduation Requirements
The minimum High School graduation requirements are listed below. Local
school districts may choose to require more than the minimum state
requirements. Check with your school counselor or district office to find out if
they have additional requirements.
Students shall earn a minimum of 15 units of credit in grades 9-12:
Language Arts (3.0 units of credit)
Mathematics (2.0 units of credit)
Must take:
Elementary Algebra or Applied Mathematics I; and
Geometry or Applied Mathematics II; or
Any Advanced Mathematics courses in sequence beyond
the courses listed above.
High school math credit may not be earned for courses below
Elementary Algebra or Applied Mathematics I
Science (2.0 units of credit from 2 of the 4 science areas)
Earth Science Systems (1.0 unit of credit)
Biological Science (1.0 unit of credit)
Chemistry (1.0 unit of credit)
Physics (1.0 unit of credit)
Social Studies (2.5 units of credit)
Geography for Life (0.5 units of credit)
World Civilizations (0.5 units of credit)
U.S. History (1.0 unit of credit)
U.S. Government and Citizenship (0.5 units of credit starting with
class of 2006)
The Arts (1.5 units of credit from any of the following performance areas)
Visual Arts
Physical and Health Education (2.0 units of credit)
o Health (0.5 units of credit)
o Participation Skills (0.5 units of credit)
o Fitness for Life (0.5 units of credit)
o Individualized Lifetime Activities (0.5 units of credit) or team
sport/athletic participation (maximum of 0.5 units of credit with
school approval)
Applied Technology Education (1.0 units of credit from any of the
following areas)
Family and consumer sciences
Health science and technology
Information technology
o Marketing
o Technology education
o Trade and technical education
Educational Technology
o Computer technology (0.5 units of credit for the class by this
specific name) or
o Successful completion of state-approved competency examination
(credit may be awarded at the discretion of the school or school
General Financial Literacy (0.5 units of credit starting with Class of 2008)
Library Media Skills (integrated into the subject areas)
Board-approved CRTs (Criterion Reference Tests) shall be used to assess
student mastery of the following subjects:
o Reading
o Language arts through grade 11
o Mathematics
o Science
o Effectiveness of written expression in grade 9
Students with disabilities served by special education programs may have
changes made to graduation requirements through individual IEPs to meet
unique educational needs. A student’s IEP documents the nature and extent
of modifications, substitutions, or exemptions to accommodate a student with