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Foster Care Youth Education and Employment Support

A funding program designed to assist Foster Care youth, or youth who have aged out of Foster Care, with the funding and support needed to complete college and obtain employment.

Provides support with funding needs for basic living expenses, college tuition, tutoring needs, job searching and gaining employment. Check it out here

Career Planning

What education do you need for your career? What are the hot jobs in Utah?

Career Tips

Youth Training Programs

Workforce Investment Act


Workforce Services can help youth get education, training and jobs. Check it out here

Jobs For Teenagers

From where to look and find that first job to what to do once you finally score that first job, here are a few tips to help you on your way to making the bucks.

Jobs for teens
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Job Search

Get the job you want.

Online Job Search

Workforce Services has jobs in over 23 career fields in Utah.
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List of Utah Employer Websites

Here's what a Standard Employment Application looks like.
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Job Seeking Workshops

Get help with resumes, interviewing and more
Job Seeker Workshops

Interview Tips


Learn about life in the military, officer programs and job listings.
US Military Jobs
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